Welcome to ShrimpFest, Saturday May 23th & Sunday May 24th, 2020.  Brinnon Parks & Rec in cooperation with Emerald Towns Alliance will be hosting this popular Arts, Crafts, Music and Food Fair in our small community of Brinnon, Washington.   The Memorial Day weekend and several other great events on the Olympic Peninsula bring thousands of visitors that travel along U.S. Highway 101.  We encourage you to send in your application early.  

The event draws approximately 7,000+ visitors. Shrimpfest’s location is located 251 Hjelvicks Road (Brinnon, WA) north of the Yelvik General Store and south of Cove RV Park & Country Store on Highway 101. This is where highway 101 meets the north end of the Hood Canal. The current site has both water and mountain views.

The owner of the property has asked that no dogs be allowed. If you must travel with your dogs, we ask you maintain strict control over them and have them leashed at all times. Please respect this so we can count on using this location for years to come.

Electricity will again be available for some booths. If your booth requires electricity, please make sure to reserve your booth early since we have a limited number of booths that can hook-up. 

Please note that we do not have dedicated circuits for your use only. If you have huge power requirements, we may not able to accommodate your needs. The cost of power to a single/double booth is $40.00.  This allows you one 20amp circuit only - the equivalent of one household plug. 30 amp or 50 amp service is available for a $75 fee.  Additional power needs must be discussed with our board prior to acceptance at ShrimpFest.  Please review the section of the application that covers Booth and Electrical for additional requirements. 

Please join us in our festivities.  We are hoping to keep this a fun event and not overburden you with regulations.  The rules are stated on the accompanying ShrimpFest application; some items of particular importance are as follows:

  • Keep your booth and surrounding area clean of debris of all descriptions.  When you leave, please see that the area is cleared of trash. 
  • Vendors are only allowed ONE vehicle on the fairgrounds. 
  • Each vendor must provide their own booth, tables and canopy. There are no indoor facilities for our Arts, Crafts and Food Fair.
  • Each vendor should secure their booth with ties and or weights for wind.
  • Electricity is only available at selected sites. 
  • Portable toilets will be strategically located at the Fair area. 
  • Food-service-only trailers are permitted in the Fair area if they are self-contained.  If your food trailer has a tongue that extends out further than the allowance for your booth (each booth is exactly 10 x 10 feet) you must purchase a second booth to accommodate the extra length.  You should be prepared to supply us with the exact length of your trailer including the tongue.  You will need to supply the festival planners with an approximate arrival time for set up since these trailers require additional room to pull in.  Diagram and dimensions of your trailer must be submitted with application, you will be given a time window for load-in. Food Booths must be set up at least one hour prior to festival opening. 
  • Food vendors are required by Jefferson County to obtain a Temporary Health Permit or a waiver from them.  They can be reached by phone at: 360.385.9400.  If you aren't sure if you need a permit for the food you are selling, it's better to check.    The Health Department comes to ShrimpFest and double checks permits - don't risk being shut-down.  We need a copy of this permit or waiver for our records prior to ShrimpFest. Please mail to ShrimpFest, PO Box 323, Brinnon, WA 98320.  We reserve the right to limit the number of food service vendors selling the same products. 
  • The fest will have a wash trailer with 3 compartment sink along with a tanker truck with potable water available for use by vendors. You will need to provide your own towels, etc for use in the wash trailer.
  • ShrimpFest provides a professional security guard from 8:30 Friday night until 5:30am Saturday and again from 7pm Saturday night to 7am Sunday morning but we can not be held responsible for damage, theft or any other loss. 
  • Overnight dry camping on the fairgrounds site for vendors will be allowed for vendors for a fee $40.00 per night. Please note these spots will have no utilities and no nighttime area lighting.
  • As an alternative, the Dosewallips State Park is nearby, as well as several U.S. Forest Service campgrounds.  We encourage you to make your camping arrangements as soon as possible, due to the high use of the parks during the holiday.  There are also several bed and breakfast inns and a small motel in the area.  We also have Cove RV Park and Country Store  (360.796.4723) and they have many spaces available for your RV/Camper.  Halfway RV is also a possibility (360)796-0301.   Most of the available options are listed on our "Local Lodging" page (see above left for link).

Please fill out the application and send it along with your check. (Please note: VENDOR SELECTION BEGINS JANUARY 15). Mail your completed application to ShrimpFest  PO Box 323, Brinnon, WA  98320.     Incomplete applications will be rejected.  We will notify you via email once we approve your application.  No letters of acceptance will be sent out unless you send us a stamped self addressed envelope with your application.  We encourage you to supply your email address so we may stay in contact with you. These email addresses will not be given to any person or organization other than our own. 
Got a question?

Email us: shrimpfest@hotmail.com

Vendor Phone: 360-796-7002 (Brinnon Parks & Rec)

We look forward to seeing you at our Hood Canal ShrimpFest!